16 August 2015

Stone crosses along the Norwegian coast

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This 2 m Celtic stone cross with rounded arms and a hole in the middle was originally erected near the sea more than 1000 years ago. It was later moved up to the graveyard close to the church in Loen, Nordfjord.
→ Steinkrossen i Loen

Midthjellkrossen / the Midthjell Cross is a copy of the one that originally stood here from the viking age till 1831 when it was given to the museum in Bergen.
→ Midthjell-krossen

At Dragseidet close to Stadlandet this stone cross on the site where there was a wooden cross till the mid-19th century.
On this site the people in this region was christened and baptised in AD 997.
→ Krossen på Dragseidet

This almost 5m tall stone cross near Kile was erected in 1914 where there originally stood one till the 18th century.
→ Steinkrossen på Kile

In Eivindvik in Gulen is a 2.5 m tall Anglican stone cross in the hillside.
→ The Anglian stone cross at Eivindvik

At Sørbø on the island Rennesøy is a new 3 m cross erected in the year 2000. This new cross is placed as close as possible to where there originaly stood a cross in the viking age.
The cross is very visible as its silhouettes on the top of the hill close to the new main road along the coast, and in this way greet the travellers just before they arrive Stavanger.
→ Nytt kors ved gammel kirke

This Stone cross in Haugesund is almost 3 m tall and was erected around 1000 years ago and looks out over the north sea.

→Steinkorset på Krosshaug

all photos © copyright arne jw kolstø

07 July 2015

preikestolen - on 4. july 2015

my kids waving their hands at me

- with their noses nonchalantly in their phones

- separated by a gap

- brother and sister reunited on the same plateau

18 January 2015

a perfect sunday

.. together with J and M in Sørkedalen

26 October 2014

19 October 2014

following the blue track

Daughter J. and her friend M. in the forests around Oslo today.>

Østmarka, mellom Langvannet og Sør-Elvåga i dag.

12 October 2014

ut på tur

Crossing a bridge - after a rainfall.

My daugther and M., a friend of hers in Østmarka - the forests around Oslo

Søndagstur, på veg til Vangen - og videre.

05 October 2014

søndagstur i østmarka

my daughter and a whimsy little animal temporarly adopted, in the forests in oslo doday.

25 August 2014

balancing forces

I stand besides T. in Ísafjörður and we both observe and photograph this scene.

Some years ago T. was captain on the predecessor of the little red push-boat on the picture. But that was a tow-boat, and a smaller one than the current. T. illustrated with his whole body how his little boat leant over to the side when they towed and turned cruice-ships around their own axis.

Today Björn is captain on the pushboat. His wife is boatswain and Sigmundur is First Officer. T. and Björn salut each other with at "good job"-shout when the work is done and the little tug goes into the harbour again.

23 August 2014


S. from Reykjavik came to Heimaey to work in the fish industry. But after 3 days he was asked to decorate a wall.

When the first one was finished, this wall waited for him.
He works freehand with a little roller on a long stick, only using the ladder for the background colour.

The purpose with his paintings is only to make some joy and amusement to the bypasses.

18 August 2014

deep tones

U. from Hamburg has made his #didgeridoo from sewage pipe parts and easily take it apart and put it in his hand luggage when commuting. He is able to play 5 clean notes on it - in addition to the normal didgeridoo-sound.
Tomorrow he travel northwards and hope to lure out some trolls from the mountains with his instrument.

22 July 2014


hiking with my daughter over Besseggen last Sunday

← Gjendesheim below - where we started
← down Besseggen
← sunrise at Memurubu - our camp site
← boat journey on the lake Gjende.

The lake is green from sediments brought from the glaciers by the rivers.

10 July 2014

22 June 2014