23 October 2020

Friday - forests instead of home office

In the autumn the air is clearer
and the insects are gone.
The ground is moist,
and the marshland soaked.

The forests are calling
when there are no other demands.
Here everything is quiet.
and the mind can relax.
Om hausten klarnar lufta
og knott og mygg er borte.
Marka er jamt fuktig
og myrane er blaute.

Ved høve innbyr skogen,
når inkje anna krevst.
Her er allting stille,
og sinnet kan ta fri.

in wet days small creeks find their own ways

there comes a moment when the tree has grown just passed the point
 when it cannot endure the strongest wind gusts any more<

this office has the most exquisite coffee bar 

autumn colours are more creative than other seasons'

the creek hid under the wood floor
 and popped surprisingly up another place

All photos taken in the Østmarka forests near Oslo 23 Oct 2020. Camera used: Leica M10

18 October 2020

Sunday in October

Fresh air and clear, sunny sky.
Walking in unadapted forests.
Freshly brewed coffee from a fire.
Subdued colour palette after sunset.
A straw in a marsh backlit by the evening sun
An unadapted forest in an area protected from exploiting
The water is boiling and ready for the coarse ground coffee
Freshly brewed afternoon coffee in the forest
After sunset by a quiet forest lake
A revisit to my old mentors

All pictures taken 18 Oct 2020 in the Østmarka forests in Oslo. Camera equipment: LeicaM10

07 October 2020

into the woods

Sometimes I just have to escape into the woods.
Like yesterday when these pictures were taken - in the Østmarka forests in Oslo.

Our dreams echoes the original reality, and we find traces after it where we haven't adapted the environment.

The entrance to the woodland

All pictures taken 06 Oct 2020 in the Østmarka forests in Oslo. Camera equipment: LeicaM10, 28Elmarit.

04 October 2020

profound values

Alone is not lonely,
moneyless is not poor.
Weak are those separated from themselves.

Connection starts in the heart,
treasures grows in the soul.
Peace is in life's roots.
Åleine er ikkje einsam,
pengelaus er ei fattig.
Veik er den som er skild frå seg sjølv.

Samhug byrjar i hjarta,
skattar formest i hugen.
Ro er det i livsens røter.

All pictures are taken in the Østmarka forests near Oslo 3 Oct 2020. Photographed with a Leica M10 and an Elmarit 90mm.

27 September 2020

An ever changing valley nearby

It is a short distance from where I live to this valley in the forests.
The landscape is protected from exploiting, and even if there are old traces after activities, it appears quite pristine.
Fallen trees are not something one sees in cultivated forests, here they are the landscape's signature.
There's a creek flowing throught the valley, and after rain it flows over the uneven landscape and makes spectacular scenes.
During the different seasons the landscape changes characters. A variation of broadleaf trees and vegetation at the ground change coulours at variable pace, and the landscape changes its face from day to day.

All pictures taken with a Leica M10 in the Østmarka forests in Oslo 27 Sep 2020

26 September 2020

autumn wetness

The landscape is heavy
after hours with rain
the creek is big
the ground is wet.

The air is fresher
colours deeper.
The forest is darker,
nature more quiet.
Lendet er tungt
etter timar med regn,
bekken er stor,
bakken er fuktig.

lufta er friskare.
fargane djupare.
Skogen er mørkare,
naturen er stillare.

All photos taken with a Leica M10 in Østmarka near Oslo 26 Sept 2020

20 September 2020

pine bark lit by golden evening sun

the pine's bark
changes over time
first clothing
is fine and golden.

older cover
becomes coarse and cracked.
the trunk under,
is strong and whole.
borken til furua
byttest over tid.
første kledning
er fin og gyllen.

gammalt dekke,
blir grovt og sprokke.
men stammen under,
er sterk og heil.

All photos shot 12. sept 2020 in the Østmarka forests near Oslo, Norway
camera used: Leica M10; 90mm elmarit lens