23 October 2020

Friday - forests instead of home office

In the autumn the air is clearer
and the insects are gone.
The ground is moist,
and the marshland soaked.

The forests are calling
when there are no other demands.
Here everything is quiet.
and the mind can relax.
Om hausten klarnar lufta
og knott og mygg er borte.
Marka er jamt fuktig
og myrane er blaute.

Ved høve innbyr skogen,
når inkje anna krevst.
Her er allting stille,
og sinnet kan ta fri.

in wet days small creeks find their own ways

there comes a moment when the tree has grown just passed the point
 when it cannot endure the strongest wind gusts any more<

this office has the most exquisite coffee bar 

autumn colours are more creative than other seasons'

the creek hid under the wood floor
 and popped surprisingly up another place

All photos taken in the Østmarka forests near Oslo 23 Oct 2020. Camera used: Leica M10

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