22 November 2012

the city's smiles

Han høyrdes langs halve gata.
Murveggene langs begge sider gav god klang til songen hans.

Etter litt såg eg han.

Han såg ut som og oppførte seg som kven som helst vanlig ungdom.
Tydelig ikkje stimulert av noko anna enn manglande frykt for å bli lagt merke til.

Etter vel eitt kvartal trefte han resten av kameratgjengen, og det blei stilt i byen igjen.

Men smilet låg att på leppene til oss som bare høyrde og såg.

I heard him singing along half the street.
The brick buildings along both sides, enhanced his voice.

After a little time I saw him.

He looked like and behaved like any other youth.
Obviously not stimulated by anything else than lack of fear of being noticed.

After a block or two, he met and joined his fiends, and the city was boring quiet again.

But the smiles remained on the lips of us who only listened and watched.

13 November 2012

living beings

A dog with its owner entered the crowded train and we were all standing near the doors. I let the dog get known to me, but after one sniff of my hand, there was no more interest.

“You are not a dog", the owner explained.

A siberian husky is not interested in people, just other dogs. It is therefore easy to bring into trains and other crowded sites, the owner said.

She (the dog) looked just like any family dog - brown-eyed and short-legged. But her siblings had different combination of leg-lengths and brown or scary ice-blue eyes which are so typical for the race.

The dog was ignorant to other people, the owner was not.

07 November 2012

02 November 2012

evening downtown

The man who had tried to park behind my car tonight, had almost managed it. But I have no idea how he had made it. There was no more than 1 cm behind his to the car behind. And max 5 cm between his and mine.
But having almost 30 cm before mine to the next car, and with his assistance, I could manouver my car back and forth some times and then be able to drive. Then it was easy to complete his parking as well.
So we both thanked each others after the excersise.