28 December 2012

full moon

seasons first skiing in the forests

27 December 2012

06 December 2012


he is one more of those who leaves a smile on one's face, and an uplift inside.

he is giving something to his bypassers.
and the receivers want to give something back.
fair trade.

22 November 2012

the city's smiles

Han høyrdes langs halve gata.
Murveggene langs begge sider gav god klang til songen hans.

Etter litt såg eg han.

Han såg ut som og oppførte seg som kven som helst vanlig ungdom.
Tydelig ikkje stimulert av noko anna enn manglande frykt for å bli lagt merke til.

Etter vel eitt kvartal trefte han resten av kameratgjengen, og det blei stilt i byen igjen.

Men smilet låg att på leppene til oss som bare høyrde og såg.

I heard him singing along half the street.
The brick buildings along both sides, enhanced his voice.

After a little time I saw him.

He looked like and behaved like any other youth.
Obviously not stimulated by anything else than lack of fear of being noticed.

After a block or two, he met and joined his fiends, and the city was boring quiet again.

But the smiles remained on the lips of us who only listened and watched.

13 November 2012

living beings

A dog with its owner entered the crowded train and we were all standing near the doors. I let the dog get known to me, but after one sniff of my hand, there was no more interest.

“You are not a dog", the owner explained.

A siberian husky is not interested in people, just other dogs. It is therefore easy to bring into trains and other crowded sites, the owner said.

She (the dog) looked just like any family dog - brown-eyed and short-legged. But her siblings had different combination of leg-lengths and brown or scary ice-blue eyes which are so typical for the race.

The dog was ignorant to other people, the owner was not.

07 November 2012

02 November 2012

evening downtown

The man who had tried to park behind my car tonight, had almost managed it. But I have no idea how he had made it. There was no more than 1 cm behind his to the car behind. And max 5 cm between his and mine.
But having almost 30 cm before mine to the next car, and with his assistance, I could manouver my car back and forth some times and then be able to drive. Then it was easy to complete his parking as well.
So we both thanked each others after the excersise.

30 October 2012

warm inside

people downtown are silhouettes against a scenery.
the walk is part of a necessary transportation and people do not see each others - or expect to be seen.

the lots of things the man before me in the store bought, made a sum of exactly 500,00 kr. But neither he nor the woman he paid to, made a notice of it. Not even when I asked "how did you do that?" he reacted, just answered "I don't know" and left.

in my favorite coffee shop however, the atmosphere was slow-going and friendly.
the girl who made my coffee usually exposes a large, colourful Frida-tattoo on her left arm. But today she wore a long-sleeved sweater. "Have you hidden Frida?" I asked. "Oh - but I show her in another way today" she answered, and with a big smile she showed me the two small Frida-portaits hanging from her ears. "Jag måste nok komma över det engång" / "I have to get over it some day" she said and laughed over her own extraordinary fascination of this artist.
but not yet.
the coffee tasted good.

27 October 2012


my first exhibition in many years.

All the pictures can be seen → here

23 October 2012

22 October 2012

me lige det ikkje

Wer mordet, ist nicht normal – glauben wir. Dabei liegt das Töten in unserer Natur. Wenn wir das akzeptieren, vermeiden wir Gewalt.
Staatliche Strafandrohung verhindert mehr Gewalttaten als alle Therapien
Wir müssen begreifen, dass Gewaltausübung lustvoll sein kann
die Zeit: → Töten ist menschlich

"...tyske tjenestemenn i enkelte tilfeller var så rystet over sine norske samarbeidspartneres hensynsløshet, at nordmennene måtte fjernes fra sine stillinger".
Aftenposten: → Slik opererte det norske Gestapo

St Augustine's theory was that evil was 'nothing other than the absence of good'
Cambridge psychopathology professor Simon Baron-Cohen proposes "a new theory of human cruelty". His goal, he writes, is to replace the "unscientific" term "evil" with the idea of "empathy erosion": "People said to be cruel or evil are simply at one extreme of the empathy spectrum," he writes. (He points out, though, that some people at this extreme display no more cruelty than those higher up the empathy scale – they are simply socially isolated.)
Guardian: Evil, --: does it exist?

19 October 2012

16 October 2012

between seasons

.. or in the midst of one

these days

07 October 2012

sivilization's basis

The first of Luther's 95 thesis translates like this:
"When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said "Repent", He called for the entire life of believers to be one of repentance."
This was the initiation of a new era in European history.

Last decades' focus has been the opposite: "I do not regret anything".

Lone Frank writes i Morgenbladet about the effects of modern self-idolization: Selvfølelsens evangelium

26 September 2012

rollene snus

Ig Nobel-priser er en parodi på de virkelige nobelprisene.

Årets pris i litteratur gikk til The US Government General Accountability Office – som har utarbeidet en rapport om rapporter om rapporter som anbefaler utarbeidelsen av en rapport om rapporten om rapporter om rapporter.
Det var dessverre ingen som ville motta prisen.
→ http://www.forskning.no/artikler/2012/september/334445/print

25 September 2012

definitely autumn

national theatre today

today's happy little scene

After having been fed with raw salmon for an hour or so, this exhausted little guillemot (lomvi) was strong enough to swim out to its waiting mate who all the time had been waiting some metres further out in the bay.

04 September 2012

31 August 2012

29 August 2012

24 August 2012

18 August 2012

sunny afternoons

late summer

17 August 2012

not so fast

activists move slowly

09 August 2012

counting and comparing ..

.. is always a better method than just having opinions based on presumptions:
→ Video Games Don’t Make Kids Violent

But too often our self-identification is based upon our negative opinions about those who do and represent what we don't like ourselves, and an article like this then doesn't fit into many's view.

08 August 2012

someone forgot ..

.. to lit "the eternal peace flame" at Aker Brygge today again.

but really it seems that few bother

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29 July 2012

giving and doing

Å gi inneber at ein fullt ut sjølv eig det ein gir, og er fri til å gjera med det som ein sjølv vil. Ein kan ikkje gi det ein ikkje eig.
Elles dreier det seg om fordeling av noko ein disponerer.

Å gjera godt inneber at ein har initiativet, og av eigen fri vilje gjer ein innsats som lyfter andre opp.
Det å følgja moralske ideal og sosiale forventningar, blir ein sjølv­rett­ferdig­gjerande er­statning.

Ei ytre initiert eller eigenutvikla plikt kan verka sjølv­ut­slettande og lammande, i motsetning til fritt å gi og gjera godt som er opp­byggjande for begge partar.
Av ein eller annan grunn ligg det i oss at lagnaden/ karma/ gudane vil belønna «gode gjerningar». Sjå artikkelen frå forskning.no: → Blidgjør universet med gode gjerninger
Dette gjer det lett for organisasjonar eller andre samfunnsstrukturar som hevdar å representera det utan­for­menneskelege, å manipulera medlemmene til å til å gi av eigne ressursar til denne organisasjonen med løfte om at Gud/gudane.. skal belønna ein. I enkelte kristne retningar er å "utløysa velsigning" eit uttrykk brukt for å beskriva denne "mekanismen", men å vidt eg ser, strir dette fullstendig med skriftene (NT) som ideologien deira byggjer på. Andre grupperingar vil ha tilsvarande måtar å styra sine tilhøyrarar på.

28 July 2012

27 July 2012

strongest there is

and very fragile

21 July 2012

gray stone is also most interesting

Geologists have - in cooperation with craftsmen - mounted partly polished rocks in Rosendal Stone Park, explaining how and why and at the same time exposing their beauty.

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20 July 2012

West End

Tonight's view from one of the windiest sites in Norway.
It took longer time that usual to rise the tent

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19 July 2012


European civilisation's representation in West  Norway

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18 July 2012

I like to imagine that I have my roots here

Kysnesstranda is where I have camped tonight. From my tent opening I look straight over to Strandebarm, and snow covered mountains behind.

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12 July 2012

still floating

aiming high

quick as lightning, he climbed the house

09 July 2012

divine creativity

Zoran Madzirov - the Bottleman - performed in the streets last week. And the environment and instrument did not limit his ability to play the great classical masters with a musicality and energy as any concert pianist.
→ see him in youtube
Fearing judgement is the most common way the individual's creativity dies.

David Kelly speaks about psychiatrist Albert Bandura who - after having treated his patients against snake anxiety - discovered that they also had got a greater creative confidence than before.
→ youtube: David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

This is like reversing the oldest story where the snake lured mankind into letting knowledge judge - and thereby gave away freedom.

08 July 2012

summer rain


27 June 2012

here I am

Det judeisk/kristne fundament - "eg er", som òg er bildet mennesket er forma i - vil aldri kunne rokkast av noko forsøk på å definere det ut frå ei "vi er"-forståing.

The Judean / Christian foundation - "I am", which also is the image in which man is formed - will never be shaken by any attempt to define it from a "we are"-understanding.

25 June 2012

23 June 2012

21 June 2012

my favourite street artist

.. always puts a smile on me
- caused by his music as well as his playful energy

15 June 2012

10 June 2012

09 June 2012

green and natural

Someone supported our tiger with a natural green environment suiting the wild animal

07 June 2012

må'kje ditt, må'kje datt

.. må ver polert og glatt

[fra Bjørn Eidsvågs "snill gutt"]

30 May 2012

cyclists in town

Schous plass