30 December 2011

lost sheep

smiling at everyone in the street

26 December 2011


- ... i Nord-Korea - du vet han diktator-dude'n.
- er han dau eller?
- ja og så gråter de, mye!
- gråter de?
- ja de må gråte!

(samtale mellom ungdommer overhørt i ei svingdør på Aker Brygge)

24 December 2011

happy christmas

the gospel of christmas gives dignity to every being
independent on one's past, present or future

20 December 2011


da jeg var liten og bodde på vestlandet, trodde jeg at de vise menn kom fra østlandet.

nå bor jeg på østlandet og vet at det ikke var her de kom fra

15 December 2011

lights in the city

This little Icelandic a-capella group (3 Voices & Beatur) had a quality in the voices and a cheerfulness in the performance which I hadn't met in the streets till now this winter.

Their joyful and playful presence in the music as well as in the appearance, made a bright spot in the dark streets.

They write in their CD-cover: "It started with Sandra, in her favourite coffee shop. She saw long faces and wanted to cheer them up. She went to her friend and said: 'Kenya, let's sing'."

And they made my day.

Other pictures from today

10 December 2011

silence - the biggest crime

close communication
suppressing the free thoughts
"Ich respektiere Menschen gerade, weil sie klar sagen, was sie denken und andere wissen lassen, dass wir nicht so gut darin sind, Dinge zu verheimligen." Das Schönste, was die Menschheit hervorgebracht habe, seien Dichtung, Kunst, Film. Und immer gehe es um Kommunikation. "Alle Verbrechen drehen sich um die Unterdrückung der Kommunikation", sagt Ai. "Vielleicht machen wir fehler, aber es ist besser , als zu schweigen. Alle Verbrechen werden im Schweigen begangen."
die Zeit "Was wurde aus - Ai Weiwei" 8 dec. 2011

google translated:
"I respect people just because they clearly say what they think, and in this that we are not so good at hiding things." The best thing that humanity has produced were poetry, art, film. And it always about communication. "All crimes are about the suppression of communication," says Ai. "Maybe we make errors, but it is better than to remain silent. All crimes are committed in silence."

09 December 2011

rain-wet mid-december friday afternoon

walk and talk
eating out, in
bad mood
under star and moon
walking men
walking on green
driving home
today's pictures

om jul:

«Det å skape stemning er det viktigste»
reklame fra Kid

«Den store jule-ånd er å dele med hverandre»
Tegneserie-tegner Arild Midthun i en NRK-debatt

«Ei krone her, og ei krone der, ja det blir det enda mer jul av»

«Frykt ikke - åpent til 24»
Oslo City

«det blir ikke jul uten julestemning.»
Aftenpostens anmeldelse av Disneys "Arthurs julegaverace"

«Lukka kan ikkje kjøpast for pengar»
NRK i egen reportasje om dette temaet

Viktig å holde juletradisjoner ved like. Har akkurat sett ”Love Actually”. Like bra hver gang.
Jens Stoltenbergs juletwittermelding

«Jesu fødsel er et uttrykk for Guds kjærlighet for mennesker»
Barack Obama

08 December 2011

free will

"Frey Wille" does not mean free will, it is a jewelry company
Being human
Where there is only "karma", "fate", "will of God", "destiny" or similar there is no free will
- and no responsibility.

ZEIT: Warum sind Verschwörungstheorien so unausrottbar?

Eco: Die Menschen haben den Drang, ihr Scheitern anderen zuzurechnen. Schon in der Ilias wird das Schicksal Trojas als Verschwörung der Götter dargestellt. Wenn du im Stau steckst, schimpfst du über die Regierung. In Wahrheit bist du es selber, der den Stau produziert. Leute suchen Verschwörungstheorien, um sich selbst zu entlasten.

google translated:
ZEIT: Why are conspiracy theories so ineradicable?

Eco: The people have the urge to see their own failures as others' attributes. Even the fate of Troy in the Iliad is shown as a conspiracy of the gods. If you're stuck in a traffic jam, you scold the government. In fact it's you yourself who produced the jam. People are looking for conspiracy theories in order to relieve themselves.

From an interview with Umberto Eco in "die Zeit": Die Macht der Dummen

05 December 2011

being weak ..

drug addict crossing the streets with her big plant
.. is the only we cannot be clever in

.. but this is what the God of the Bible insist to use

03 December 2011

i think i won

Advent star from Clas Ohlson
... having the largest advent star in the area

sorrily there was no competition

giving meaning to symbols instead of letting the symbols point at the meaning

starry night
First we had an event, so full of life and joy that lots of symbols showed up afterwards to point at that event.

Then - because the symbols are recalling a joy - we give attention to the symbols themselves.
Or try to give them a new history.

That does not work well.
And we risk ending up in empty sentimentalism.

02 December 2011

receiving joy pure and simple

A little snow would have made this scenery perfect
Having bad conscience for not having bad conscience when enjoying anything fun and pleasurable, is a duty which easily has adapted to most religious, political and other ideologically conform movements.

Representatives for this mind-limitation are fortunately close to extinct, and I don't regard them worthy preservation.

But still there are some remnants left from this thought-culture, and they have an urge to always break in with a judgmental and lecturing "but..." when something enjoyable is presented.

Christmas celebration is the most fortunate opportunity for the most creative worries, starting with the worn out "buying pressure", "commercialism", "alienation" and "flattening" and continuing with the more subtle "excluding other cultures", "demonstrating economical class affliction" and "making loneliness even more visible".

The most desperate however, use their whole arsenal of rhetorics and despise and do a front attack on the whole idea of something outside their own thought-sphere - just google "atheist and Christmas" to find examples.
Norwegian article on the phenomena:
Morgenbladet: På toppen av verden. Norges mest irriterende mennesker kommer på banen. Igjen.

01 December 2011

inside, outside and between

oslo today

blue hour

oslo 30 nov 2011