30 October 2012

warm inside

people downtown are silhouettes against a scenery.
the walk is part of a necessary transportation and people do not see each others - or expect to be seen.

the lots of things the man before me in the store bought, made a sum of exactly 500,00 kr. But neither he nor the woman he paid to, made a notice of it. Not even when I asked "how did you do that?" he reacted, just answered "I don't know" and left.

in my favorite coffee shop however, the atmosphere was slow-going and friendly.
the girl who made my coffee usually exposes a large, colourful Frida-tattoo on her left arm. But today she wore a long-sleeved sweater. "Have you hidden Frida?" I asked. "Oh - but I show her in another way today" she answered, and with a big smile she showed me the two small Frida-portaits hanging from her ears. "Jag måste nok komma över det engång" / "I have to get over it some day" she said and laughed over her own extraordinary fascination of this artist.
but not yet.
the coffee tasted good.

27 October 2012


my first exhibition in many years.

All the pictures can be seen → here

23 October 2012

22 October 2012

me lige det ikkje

Wer mordet, ist nicht normal – glauben wir. Dabei liegt das Töten in unserer Natur. Wenn wir das akzeptieren, vermeiden wir Gewalt.
Staatliche Strafandrohung verhindert mehr Gewalttaten als alle Therapien
Wir müssen begreifen, dass Gewaltausübung lustvoll sein kann
die Zeit: → Töten ist menschlich

"...tyske tjenestemenn i enkelte tilfeller var så rystet over sine norske samarbeidspartneres hensynsløshet, at nordmennene måtte fjernes fra sine stillinger".
Aftenposten: → Slik opererte det norske Gestapo

St Augustine's theory was that evil was 'nothing other than the absence of good'
Cambridge psychopathology professor Simon Baron-Cohen proposes "a new theory of human cruelty". His goal, he writes, is to replace the "unscientific" term "evil" with the idea of "empathy erosion": "People said to be cruel or evil are simply at one extreme of the empathy spectrum," he writes. (He points out, though, that some people at this extreme display no more cruelty than those higher up the empathy scale – they are simply socially isolated.)
Guardian: Evil, --: does it exist?

19 October 2012

16 October 2012

between seasons

.. or in the midst of one

these days

07 October 2012

sivilization's basis

The first of Luther's 95 thesis translates like this:
"When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said "Repent", He called for the entire life of believers to be one of repentance."
This was the initiation of a new era in European history.

Last decades' focus has been the opposite: "I do not regret anything".

Lone Frank writes i Morgenbladet about the effects of modern self-idolization: Selvfølelsens evangelium