25 July 2013

the most natural

.. staying alone in the rain with these wonders after all the others have gone. 

"Being human is more than being usefull" - is an old saying.

After all the other tourists were gone, only M. and I was left. She was a successfull engeneer who had used all her energy to build up a company.  Now the company was sold, and reorganised - and she quit. And she took a 4 week long holidays around Iceland alone on bicycle to think over lìfe.
And lying outdoor in a natural made hot pool, seeing a beautiful landscape constantly changed by inner and outer forces - fire and ice, and standing still some hours in the cold rain and warm steam from a regular - but all the time unpredictable - breathing hole in the earth, make her face a deeper part of herself.

"What is gold good for?" the children asked.
"You can hide it a place were nobody sees it." mr Happy answered.
(Andri Snær Magnusson)

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