15 July 2013

Andrew fishing

Andrew and his friend is fishing from the quay at the old fisher's harbour in Reyjavik.
The nation's new Concert Hall "Harpa" can be seen behind him.

He smiles and says "yes" when I ask if he get anything.

He is not quite sure what the fishes are called in English. But I ensured that they are probebly called the same in Norwegian. So with satisfaction he tells me that he get þorskur and bleikja.
We did not conclude what "bleikja" was called in another language - my attempts to describe the fishes I could think of, didn't lead to a clear understanding. But I promised that I should google it when I had an opportunity.

(Written at the cozy 1960'ish retro Stofan Cafe downtown Reykjavik. They made a good toast for me and an extraordinary tasty double espresso.
Enthusiastic discussions in a nordic language with a charming accent is summing from every corner.)

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