30 October 2012

warm inside

people downtown are silhouettes against a scenery.
the walk is part of a necessary transportation and people do not see each others - or expect to be seen.

the lots of things the man before me in the store bought, made a sum of exactly 500,00 kr. But neither he nor the woman he paid to, made a notice of it. Not even when I asked "how did you do that?" he reacted, just answered "I don't know" and left.

in my favorite coffee shop however, the atmosphere was slow-going and friendly.
the girl who made my coffee usually exposes a large, colourful Frida-tattoo on her left arm. But today she wore a long-sleeved sweater. "Have you hidden Frida?" I asked. "Oh - but I show her in another way today" she answered, and with a big smile she showed me the two small Frida-portaits hanging from her ears. "Jag måste nok komma över det engång" / "I have to get over it some day" she said and laughed over her own extraordinary fascination of this artist.
but not yet.
the coffee tasted good.

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