02 May 2012


In a few hours one version of Munch’s “Scream” is to be sold in New York for possibly the largest price ever for a painting.

My view from my balcony right now is almost like what young Edvard saw when he got inspiration to the artworks.

He writes in a page in his diary headed Nice 22.01.1892:
«I was walking along a path with two friends – the sun was setting – suddenly the sky turned blood red – I paused, feeling exhausted, and leaned on the fence – there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature.»
And he originally called his pictures "Der Schrei der Natur"..

I do not have the same feeling when I look at the landscape today - rather the opposite.

For some reason few Norwegians sense the greatness in Munch’s artworks, while he is admired over the top abroad. Der Spiegel wrote in last issue about "Scream": «Man muss keine psychische störung haben, um dieses Bild zu verstehen. Es genügt vollkommen, lebendig zu sein.»
In the times to come he probably will be more acknowledged by us Norwegians too - now as his works are among the most famous and, not least, most valued - in money.

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